The Lakeshore Chapter (C193) of the Project Management Institute is a non-profit body of volunteers established in 1999 to promote the effective use of proven methodologies for structured project management in organizations in the Regions of Peel, Halton, Hamilton-Wentworth and Niagara.

The Chapter has over 2,200+ members and over 68% of these members have achieved their Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications.

The Chapter provides its members with a number of networking and professional development opportunities each year, including dinner meetings, Saturday workshops and courses.

Professional Development Events

Saturday Professional Development: May 28, 2016

Angelo Baratta - "Inside Agile: Discover the secret levers that make Agile succeed or fail. And learn how to set them to your advantage"

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Presenter: Angelo Baratta


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There are the Agile methods, the manifesto, the practices, the mindset. But do these guarantee success? How can you know which projects would benefit from Agile and which are unlikely to? How do you know if your team is ready for Agile? Can you move to Agile incrementally or should you go all at once? Does everyone have to learn the lingo, or is current language sufficient? Behind the hype lies both success and failure. No methodology in history guarantees success. Agile is no different. But you can significantly increase the odds of your success by understanding what makes an Agile project succeed and what makes it fail. This seminar covers the physics and chemistry of Agile. Discover the one change on the process side that you must embrace. And discover the one change on the human/people side that you must embrace. Fail to embrace either one and your chances of success are small, regardless of how well you execute the agile methods.

This seminar promises to be different, in a good way. We won't cover the history of Agile. We wonít cover the procedural details of Agile. You wonít hear a sales pitch for Agile. You donít need to learn a new vocabulary to understand the simple truths behind Agile processes.

Instead you will discover for yourself, through a series of well-designed experiments, precisely where the power behind Agile resides and where it does not. You will learn the essential difference between Waterfall and Agile. You will be able to predict, for a given project, what the benefits are likely to be if Agile is used. You will learn how you can Agilize Waterfall, something most Agile experts say can't be done. Learn how. You will begin to understand the conditions required to make your specific Agile project succeed.

Whether you are an Agile expert, an Agile novice, or don't know anything about Agile, this seminar will provide you the opportunity to learn the secrets behind the Agile engine that will drive performance.

YES, Agile can deliver big rewards. It can also deliver big failures. You have to understand its essential secrets. No hype, no lingo, no sales pitch. You can read the top five books on Agile and never come across these under the hood secrets. And youíll learn them from someone who independently discovered Agile over 20 years ago, long before the term was even used.

Angelo Baratta - the business process chef: He is a business process designer, trainer, researcher and author with more than thirty years of experience in business process design, engineering and project management. He has led too many projects to count for more than thirty organizations. He partners his experience with research and innovation to develop frameworks for business process design and project design.

Through training and education he shares his approaches and discoveries with everyone with a desire to build better organizations through better design. He is an author, has many articles to his name and presented at numerous PM and Business Process events.

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